Fridge Repairs Pretoria

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Fridge Repairs Pretoria are the experts in all repairs for domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration. We offer professional and quality service and we promise that you will be impressed with our pricing too.

We do repairs on Cool rooms, Display fridge, Drink machines, Freezer rooms and domestic fridges and many more. We can address any problems that may occur on your fridge. We offer repairs and maintenance to all fridges. We aim providing professional and quality service in all the work that we do. Our technicians are experts and highly trained in all refrigeration.

Fridge Repairs Pretoria  do repairs, maintenance and services on all refrigerators big or small. A refrigerator will probably most likely need to be re-gassed every 3 years and we can assist with that. As a refrigerator is running constantly any problems may occur and the refrigerator will need to be serviced.  We will make sure that our job is always done correctly and that we have your fridge running smoothly. We will not leave until our job is 100% complete and all is in working order. Our technicians carry with them all the correct tools at all times so that the job can be carried out on the same day.

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If you are not sure what may be the problem contact Fridge Repairs Pretoria to come and diagnose the problem and get a free quote.  Most repairs can be done on site and occasionally the fridge may need to be taken in for repairs unless they are commercial and industrial fridges then it will have to be done on site. For all your refrigerator repairs or maintenance contact Fridge Repairs Pretoria today.

Fridge Repairs Pretoria