Q: How do you know what air conditioner you need to have installed?
A: The air conditioning company will come out to you and have a catalogue on what air conditioners they supply. They well be able to give you all the different specifications on all the different air conditioners and will advise on what will be best suited for you.

Q: Do you get mobile air conditioners?
A: Yes you can get mobile air conditioners however, they are not the most powerful of air conditioners. If it is for a smaller room then that would be best to have a mobile air conditioner.

Q: Do wall mounted air conditioners come in different sizes?
A: Yes there are different sized air conditioners available. The air conditioning specialist will advise on what size is best suited for each room where you are wanting to get them installed.

Q: How often should I get my air conditioners maintained?
A: An air conditioner should get maintenance once a year.

Q: Why must I get my air conditioner serviced?
A: An air conditioner needs to be serviced in order for it to run efficiently and to maintain its power.

Q: How often will I needs to get my air conditioner re-gassed?
A: This is all dependent on how often the air conditioner is in use. Possibly it should need to be re-gassed once a year in some other air conditioners every 6-8 months, this is also dependent on the size of the air conditioner.

Q: How can I make my air conditioner last for a longer period?
A: In order to have your air conditioner in perfect working conditions one will need to service their air conditioner on a regular basis. Having a regular service done will assist in maintaining your air conditioner.